Look for the nutritional icons

Buckwheat pilaf, prunes and toasted walnut salad
April 28, 2014
A politically sound cuisine is also the best for us
April 29, 2014

We’re always keen to help our clients with their nutritional choices, so Resto Végo has added informative labels we’re calling galons nutritionnels – nutritional icons – to every buffet dish. These icons indicate, with simple icons, five elements you may need to know about the ingredients for each dish: does it contain gluten, nuts, dairy products or eggs, and is it vegan?



These icons on the buffet counter overhang identify the contents of each dish we offer.

Also, if you’re interested in identifying the dishes according to the 4 Resto Végo lifestyle profiles, our nutritional icons carry one of the four colours associated with the profiles. For more information on these profiles and especially on yours, click here.

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