Meet our new chefs : Bob le Chef

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April 29, 2014
Meet our new chefs: Mariève Savaria
April 29, 2014

To mark the change of identity at Végo we turned to four new chefs to renew some of our buffet offerings.

Mariève Savaria, Dominique Dupuis, Stéphanie Audet and Bob le Chef stepped up to the challenge and created new recipes. We’re delighted to be able to introduce each of these talented chefs and the creations they have devised for us.

This week, we introduce Bob le Chef.
Bob le Chef is a graduate of the Institut de Tourisme et d’Hôtellerie du Québec (ITHQ). He had worked in several renowned Montreal restaurants before surging onto the web with his Anarchie Culinaire. His goal: to teach young people the art of cooking. Humorous, sometimes irreverent, but never pretentious, Bob le Chef has posted simple and economical video recipes on his blog, as well as interesting and unusual culinary news.

Bob le Chef has published three cookbooks with Éditions La Presse: L’Anarchie Culinaire selon Bob le Chef in 2008, L’Anarchie Culinaire selon Bob le Chef – La Revanche in 2010 et L’Anarchie Culinaire selon Bob le Chef – La Faim du Monde in 2012.

Bob le Chef’s recipes devised for the pleasure of Resto Végo’s customers:

  • Black bean veggie burger
  • Corn crème brûlée

His website:

See the introduction of chef Mariève Savaria

Photo credit: Michel Sabbagh

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