Joël Legendre has an Energi profile – for sure!

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April 29, 2014
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April 30, 2014


We are proud and pleased to announce the renewed commitment of Joël Legendre as official spokesperson for Resto Végo. At the official launch of the new identity of our restaurants, Joël Legendre proudly announced our new name. He immediately identified with one of the four Végo profiles (Completely ENERGI, Completely ORDERLI, Completely SEXI and Completely COMFI). Those who know Joël would agree that the choice was easy!

Find out your own Végo profile here on our site or by visiting one of our two Resto Végo locations.


Why Joël Legendre as spokesman?

Joël Legendre has always been one of our strongest supporters and a loyal customer for over 25 years. He has always promoted a healthy vegetarian diet, and his values are​similar to ours. It is with pleasure and friendship he has agreed to continue his support for us as we renew our identity as Resto Végo.

Joël, thanks for your support – we love you!


Photo credit: Ghyslain Lavoie

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