Four advantages of paying for your food by weight

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May 2, 2014
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May 2, 2014

1) Choose only what you like
2) Compose a meal of many diverse items
3) Decide how much of each food you want
4) Save by enjoying lighter food!s


How does paying by weight work?

  • For every 100 g you pay $2.30.
  • If your plate weighs less than a kilogram, you are guaranteed not to pay more than $14.50 during the day or $17.50 in the evening.
  • If you have a big appetite and you fill your plate with more than a kilogram of delicious food, the $2.30/100 g price still applies.
  • You don’t pay for the weight of our plates or other containers.

Five tips to maximize your choice at the buffet:

  • Create a balanced meal: 50% vegetables, 50% protein.
  • Opt for some light, leafy salad.
  • Brighten your plate with appetizers – perhaps a small pizza, a spring roll, a mini burger.
  • Complete your meal with condiments such as olives, corn chips, ground flax seeds.
  • Finally, take a small piece of dessert and add whipped cream – light and so good!
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