Winter sauerkraut

Soup with coconut milk, curry, tofu and root vegetables
May 2, 2014
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May 2, 2014

Ingredients :

  • 800 g – Cut green cabbage
  • 350 g – Carrot
  • 350 g – Daikon
  • 40 g – Parsley
  • 20 g – Sea salt
  • 2 g – Coriander seed
  • 2 g – Mustard seed
  • 1 g – Dried juniper berry
  • 1\8 tsp. – Coarsely ground black pepper


  • Detach the 2 or 3 outer cabbage leaves, wash and set aside.
  • Cut the cabbage into long strips (1). I use the food processor or mandoline for this. Set aside.
  • Cut the carrots into thin half-moons (3). Set aside.
  • Cut the daikon into triangles (5). Set aside.
  • Remove the large stems of the Italian parsley and chop the rest (4) . Set aside.
  • Combine everything in a large bowl and add sea salt and spices (6-7).
  • To make a larger batch I use this guideline: 1.5% by weight of salt, so for 1 kg of vegetables I would use 15 g salt.
  • Massage well and mix for 2-3 minutes to allow the cabbage to sweat.
  • Place everything in a glass jar and compress well (8). The juice will rise to the surface and I use the outer cabbage leaves to cover and compress (10-11).
  • Cover with lid or plastic wrap and place in an area free from dust (12).
  • Leave in a dark place at room temperature to ferment for 7 days.



When the container is full, I put it in another container to avoid any damage caused because the juice is likely to increase and such an arrangement will allow for this expansion.


Sauerkraut can be fermented between 7 to 21 days. You can decide how long to let it continue.
You can taste the sauerkraut from time to time and stop it when you reach a stage you prefer.
A large batch of sauerkraut can be stored in the fridge for about ten months.


A Stéphanie Audet recipe

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