How much does Végo cost?

Resto Végo’s buffet formula lets you choose among a rotating menu of 200 dishes. At Végo, you pay by weight for what you put on your plate! For the hot and cold buffets you pay $2.35 per 100 g, and at the dessert buffet it’s $2.70 per 100 g.

At Végo, there are options for every taste and budget.


For example, this perfect plate for a quick lunch would cost $9.05

This brightly coloured plate? $11.30

And this enormous plate to sate a big appetite? $15.86


You still have room for dessert?

Why not treat yourself to a slice of cake for $3.24?

Or share a bigger dessert plate for $7.02?

For more information on the prices at the Végo buffet, please look here.