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Resto Végo
1720, rue Saint-Denis
Montréal, QC H2X 3K6

Resto végo St-Denis

Resto Végo combines the savoir-faire of more than 35 years in vegetarian restaurant service with a community of people passionate about healthy eating. With its two locations in Montreal – downtown and in the Quartier Latin – Resto Végo attracts a clientele of all ages and lifestyles. The buffet format offered by Resto Végo is ideal for eating healthily in fast-food style. Choose from among more than 237 dishes offered in rotation at each of our buffets.



Discover the vegetarian buffet on St-Denis

At our delightful St-Denis Street location you can enjoy the Quartier Latin in a cosy setting. With its three levels, the restaurant offers several seating areas with different ambiances in a hundred-year-old house. It’s an inspiring setting for the discovery of new taste sensations!
1720 St-Denis
Tel.: (514) 845-2627


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