Self Service Buffet

Spaghetti with garlic (V)
Indonesian rice (V)
Vegetarian lasagne
Thaï tempeh and vegetables (V)
Puff pastry with asparagus and mushrooms
Mushroom stew
Puff pastry with vegetarian pâté
Leek pie (seasonal)
Seitan Thai style (V)
Chickpea curry (V)
Vegetarian Tourtière du lac (seasonal)
Vegetable gratin with béchamel sauce
Veggie pizza
Imperial rolls (V)
Millet pot pie
Mediterranean sauté (V)
Ginger tofu

Creamy cole slaw (V)
Caesar salad (V)
Celeriac salad (V)
Carrots and capers with remoulade dressing(V)
Beet and apple salad (V)
Yellow beet and goat cheese salad (seasonal)
Tahini, kale and beans salad (V) (seasonal)
Texan salad (V) (seasonal)
Potato salad (V)
Artichoke salad (V)
Moroccan salad (V) (seasonal)
Corn and feta salad (V) (seasonal)
Avocado vinaigrette with capers (V)
Sundried tomato and orzo salad
Mixed lettuce (V)
Quinoa salad (V)
Pearl couscous salad (V)
Vegetarian pâté (V)
Spinach salad (V)
Summer salad with fennel (V) (seasonal)
Greek salad
Apple and nut salad (V) (seasonal)
Gaspacho (V) (seasonal)
Chick peas and fresh mint salad (seasonal)
Millet and coconut salad (V) (seasonal)
Tabouleh salad (V) ***CONTAINS GLUTEN

Carrot cake (V)
Queen elizabeth cake (V)
Hazelnut cake
Chocolate mousse cake
Poppy and lime cake
Chocolate and raspberry cake (V)
Maple syrup pie (V)
Shortcake with seasonal fruit
Dream nut squares
Date squares (V)
Brownies (V)
Pouding chômeur with maple syrup (V) (seasonal)
Pumpkin pound cake (seasonal)
Spice cake (seasonal)
Christmas log with cashew butter (seasonal)
Chocolate cookie (V)
Nut and raisin cookie (V)
Chocolate chips cookie (V)

Organic wine by the bottle or by glass is available

We make vegan & vegetarian delicious

Huge variety of fresh & delicious salads in our 2nd floor salad bar.