Gourmet counter

Resto Végo offers quick service at our gourmet counter, which is accessible directly from St-Denis Street.

The gourmet counter offers something different from our buffet area; the dishes are created and prepared specifically for take out or to enjoy in our relaxing atmosphere.

Gourmet Counter Menu

(V) = vegan

Shredded BBQ) vegetables (V)
Tex Mex (V)
Tofu tandoori (V)
Maple smoked Tempeh (V)
Quinoa Burrito (V)
Morning Sandwich gluten-free (V)
Red Bean Burger

Tomato and avocado (V)
Veggie pâté (V)
Red pepper pesto with spicy soybean protein (V)

Green pesto with goat cheese
Red pesto with arugula and mozzarella
Ground soya with Gusta cheese (V)

Potato (V)
Beets (V)
Cucumbers with spiced black bean sauce (V)
Moroccan (V)
Tabboulé (V)
Quinoa and kale (V)
Mexican (V)
Pasta with pesto (V)

Vegie pâté (V)
Vegie cretons (240g) (V)
Millet pie (V)
Shepard’s Pie (V)
Mediterranean stir-fry (V)
Buttered soybean protein (V)
Vegan spaghetti sauce (V)
Maple syrup tart (V)
English muffins – gluten free (V)
Brownies – package of 3
Dream square – package of 3
Assorted squares – package of 3 (dates, dream, brownie)
Nature Veg (V)
Gusta (V)
Rawesome (V)

Tahini and edamame (V)
Tofu and pearled couscous (V)
Raw buddha (V)
Korean tempeh (V)

Maple syrup tartlet (V)
Cupcake (V)
Chocolate cookie
Chocolate cookie – gluten free (V)
Apricot, pistachio and white chocolate cookie
Fruit chia pudding (V)
Matcha chia pudding (V)
Mango chia oatmeal
Pecan brownie
Dream square
Homemade millet cookie(V)
Brownies – package of 3
Dream squares – package of 3
Assorted squares – package of 3 (dates, dream, brownie)
Muffins (two daily choices) (V)
Cinnamon brioche (V)
Scones cranberry and orange – gluten free (V)
Croissant (V)

Fresh juice

Kale, mango and cucumber
Beets, strawberries and apple
Carrots, apple and ginger
Orange juice
Apple juice
Bec Cola
Rise kombucha
Soya milk: chocolate or vanilla
Vegetable juice Oasis
Bottled water
Sparkling water

A selection of fruits

With a choice of:

Milk 3,25%
Soya milk(regular or vanilla)
Almond milk
Orange juice
Apple juice
Coconut water

Petit Végo Gourmet

Sandwiches, pizzas, salads, poké bowls, ice cream, desserts, coffees and more are ready & waiting for you.