Multi-flavour buffet

Resto Végo has been offering specific menus for its buffet for the past several years.

Located on the 2nd floor of the restaurant, the buffet offers more than 200 dishes. Fill your plate with flavours you enjoy and pay by weight. The dishes are made daily and can be for take out or to eat on site in our relaxing environment.

Discover also our Gourmet Counter for a quick service, located on the main floor of the building right on St-Denis Street.

Consult our Multi-Flavour Buffet menu

(V) = vegan

Garlic spaghetti (V)
Couscous semolina (V)
Vegetarian lasagne
Seitan bourguignon (V)
Asparagus and mushroom in a puff pastry
Mushroom stew
Vegie-pâté in a puff pastry
Leek pâté (seasonal)
Thai seitan (V)
Vegetarian chilli (V)
Vegie pie (seasonal)
Vegetable gratin with béchamel
Vegetable pizza
Imperial rolls (V)
Pest puff pastry bands
Mediterranean stir-fry (V)
Oven baked tomatoes (V)

(2 types at the buffet)

Snow peas
Japanese radish
Vinaigrettes & dips
Garlic vinaigrette (V)
Caper vinaigrette (V)
Chinese vinaigrette (V)
Green dips (V)
Cold mango sauce for imperial rolls (V)
Spicy coriander salsa (V)
Cottage cheese
Sour cream
Eggplant tapenade (V) (seasonal)
Tofu spread (V) (seasonal)
Grilled red peppers hummus (V) (seasonal)
Edamame hummus (V) (seasonal)

Gingered Tofu (V)
Wild rice (V)
Couscous with vegetables (V)
Turnip fries with sesame (V)
Vegetable frittata
Seasonal vegetable stir-fry (V)
Lentil stew (V)
Mexican sauce (V)
Squash puree with butter
Basmati rice (V)
Oven baked chipotle potatoes (V) (seasonal)
Provencal potatoes (V) (seasonal)
Tofu and kale teriyaki stir-fry (V)
Singapore noodles (V)
Pumpkin and leek stir-fry (V) (seasonal)
Eggplant gratin
BBQ Tempeh (V)
Potatoes Dauphinois (seasonal)
Basil millet (V)
Indonesian Kering Tempeh (V)

Soup (charged by the bowl)
Cream (charged by the bowl)
Bread (organic) and butter included in the price

Sesame seeds
Olives Kalamata
Grated Parmigiano cheese
Feta cheese
Diced tomatoes
Pumpkin seeds

Carrot cake (V)
Apple crisp
Hazelnut cake
Chocolate mouse cake
Poppy seed and lime cake
Soya cake (V)
Cheese cake
Seasonal fruits shortcake
Dream squares
Dates squares
Red fruits squares
Pear and maple tart
Maple chômeur pudding (seasonal)
Pumpkin pound cake (seasonal)
Gingerbread (seasonal)
Christmas log with cashew butter (seasonal)
Chocolate cookies
Nut and raisin cookies
Muffins of the day

Salad – creamy cabbage (V)
Salad – Cesar
Salad – marinated mushrooms (V)
Salad – celery root (V)
Carrots remoulade with caper vinaigrette (V)
Salad – beets and apples (V)
Salad – yellow beets and goat cheese (seasonal)
Salad – 5 beans (V) (seasonal)
Salad – Texan (V) (seasonal)
Salad – potatoes (V)
Salad – artichokes (V)
Salad – seaweed (V)
Salad – brown rice with berries (V)
Salad – Moroccan (V) ( seasonal)
Salad – corn and feta (V) ( seasonal)
Avocados with caper vinaigrette (V)
Asparagus with mustard vinaigrette(V)
Mesclun lettuce (V)
Salad – quinoa (V)
Salad – vermicelli (V)
Vegie-pâté (V)
Salad – Chinese with spinach (V)
Salad – summer with fennel (V) (seasonal)
Salad – Greek
Salad – Sarasin (V)
Salad – apples and nuts (V)
Salad – edamame (V)
Sandwich – roll of the day (V)
Salad – chickpeas and mint (V)
Gaspacho (V)
Salad – millet et coconut
Salad- tabbouleh (V) ***CONTAINS GLUTEN***
Salad – pasta with kale pest and pumpkin seeds (V) ***CONTAINS GLUTEN
Salad- tortellini with pesto and fresh tomatoes (seasonal) ***CONTAINS GLUTEN
Mini-burgers (V) ***CONTAINS GLUTEN

Queen Elizabeth cake
Pecan tart
Chocolate mousse
Lemon and goji raw cake (V)
Strawberry and blackberry fondant raw cake (V)
Sorbets variety (V)

Pineapple mousseline (V)
Yoghurt – plain
Muesli (V)
Maple syrup (V)
Seasonal fruit jam(V)

Fruit salad

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